Artist Bio

Sacramento artist, Joanna Crawshaw studied fine art in the Bay Area where she grew up and in Boston where she developed a love for abstract and non-representational art. She works primarily in acrylic where she prefers to convey a feeling or a mood rather than a concrete subject or meaning.

Her early inspirations come from nature, by way of memories of her father's flower garden, trips to the coast and to the redwoods. She has always been fascinated by the patterns and textures found in nature's palette.

In her recent work, she plays with texture and color relationships and explores the emotions that many of us share through our journey in life. She feels the journey is the most important part, and hopes this is reflected in her work. Though she has been working on this idea for many years, she feels this series may never have a definitive end.

She is very excited about creating a piece that says something different to each person; drawing her audience into her work and allowing them their own personal experience.

BFA, Emphasis in Painting, Minor in Art History
The Art Institute of Boston, Boston, MA (now Lesley University)

Fine Art Studies
Las Positas College, Livermore, CA