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ArtWalk 2017

Join us in downtown Livermore for ArtWalk! Live music will be at all the parks this year. The Bankhead Plaza will have cultural arts groups performing between 12 and 4 pm.  Over 200 artists will display their work, and I' ll be located near the flagpole at the corner of First St. and So. Livermore.  Buy a banner and support the Bothwell Arts Center! Fifteen eye-catching banners, original works of art hanging on display poles throughout downtown Livermore are now up and ready for your bid. I have one located on Second St. between So. J and So. Livermore.  You can bid on the  banners early through EBay , or you can s top by the info booth during ArtWalk. Livermore ArtWalk October 14,  11:00am to 5:00pm